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Aliens: Dark Descent APCs

How to Use APCs in Aliens: Dark Descent

The APCs in Aliens: Dark Descent aren’t as as formidable as the one featured in Aliens but they’re pretty handy. Here’s how to use them.

First of all, if you want to know how to use APCs in Aliens: Dark Descent, you need to know that you can’t directly drive them. There’s no rampaging about the base, smashing down walls and gunning down every alien in sight. However, here’s what you can do.

In Aliens: Dark Descent you can order APCs to different locations and use them to evacuate people or take on aliens. Hang on… didn’t we just say you can’t go around gunning down every alien in sight? That’s right, but what you can do is direct them to several pre-set locations.

So if you want to rescue someone from Dead Hills, you can call in your APC (select the APC spot from the map) to an APC location near you. Just click on one on of the white APC boxes and it’ll move there.

Then, when it arrives, go up to it and click on it, which will present you with two or three options. Use it to either evacuate your current civilian, return to your grounded ship or move to another location. The latter means you don’t have to worry about any aliens you may encounter on the way.

However, the handiest use of all is to stand near it and let its gun help you take out any incoming Aliens. It’s the equivalent of having two extra marines on hand, with the turret gun doing a lot of damage.

So, while you can’t free-roam around in the NPC, it’s still great for getting places safely, rescuing civilians and giving you a little extra firepower.

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