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Is Aliens: Dark Descent a Sequel to Alien: Isolation?

Aliens: Dark Descent is the latest single-player Alien game to grace PC and console. But is it actually a sequel to Alien: Isolation?

Aliens: Dark Descent may not be a first person game but it does have a couple of things in common with Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation. In particular, there’s a stealth element where you can hide from the xenomorphs. So, with this and other factors in mind, is it a sequel to Alien: Isolation?

Alien: Dark Descent is not a sequel to Alien: Isolation, nor does it feature that game’s protagonist Amanda Ripley. Its canon status is, in fact, unclear. It features the Weyland Yutani corporation who have featured in multiple Aliens games, that much is true.

But, apart from that, there’s no real connection to Alien: Isolation. You could argue that it takes place in the same universe but if you were looking for the game to wrap up Amanda Ripley’s story, that’s not going to happen. Not least because it takes place 60 years or so after that game.

Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, has featured in a series of comics and a mobile game (Alien: Blackout), all taking place after Alien: Isolation. But Aliens: Dark Descent is not a sequel to Alien: Isolation.

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