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Is Aliens: Dark Descent Turn-Based?

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Aliens: Dark Descent sees you dealing with a whole planet full of chest-bursting menaces, but is this strategy game turn-based?

Our first impression of Aliens: Dark Descent was that it was old-school X-Com, but with the alien. We weren’t the only people to come to that conclusion, which might have you wondering, is Aliens: Dark Descent turn-based? Here’s the answer.

Aliens: Dark Descent is a real-time strategy game, both teams don’t take turns. What you can do, mid-combat, is slow down the action or pause it entirely if you need a moment to consider your next move. That’s a handy feature to have.

However, the aliens attack without waiting for you to make a move so if you’re standing there they will happily eat your face. They won’t automatically know where you are which is some consolation.

When the aliens come through the door your marines will blast away at them but if they don’t taken them down quick enough they’ll get close enough to do some real damage. Instead, they attack in real time, you shoot in real time and hopefully you come out on top.

You can issue orders but those orders take effect there and then. So, Aliens: Dark Descent is not turn-based, it’s a real-time strategy game.

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