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Amnesia The Bunker 2 (1)

Is Amnesia: The Bunker Multiplayer?

Are you wondering if Amnesia: The Bunker is multiplayer? We’ve got the answer.

The game sees your French soldier locked in a bunker with a ravenous monster and it’s not a stretch to imagine some other players weighing in. Maybe one player controls the monster while the others play the soldiers. So is Amnesia: The Bunker multiplayer?

As appealing as playing as the monster might sound, there’s no multiplayer here: Amnesia: The Bunker is a single-player game. It features a largely open level, that much is true. And yes, the monster is reasonably dynamic, it doesn’t just pop up at scripted moments. But the game itself is absolutely a single-player experience.

If you want multiplayer horror there’s plenty out there. There’s Sker Ritual, Dead by Daylight, the Early Access The Outlast Trials and more. Outlast was a single player series until The Outlast Trials so it’s not impossible to imagine there being a multiplayer Amnesia game at some point.

However, we’re happy to stick with Amnesia being an exclusively single-player experience. Just us, the monster/monsters, some shocking revelations and encounters that will give us nightmares. So, if you were wondering if the latest Amnesia game is multiplayer, the answer is no, it’s not.

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