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Little Kitty, Big City Lets You Be Adorable, Awful or Both

Little Kitty Big City

Half Stray, Half Untitled Goose Game, Little Kitty, Big City is available to demo right now and it’s absolutely sunk its claws into us.

Like Stray, it begins with your moggy taking a tumble. However, there’s nothing post-apocalyptic about Little Kitty, Big City’s playground. Instead, it’s a modern-day city, complete with humans who are just going about their business. And that’s why it’s your duty to knock them over and steal their mobile phones.

We were always going to take this game’s Steam Next Fest for a spin. But it was the revelation that you could separate people from their precious devices that had us dropping everything to play it. And we’re so glad we did.

Yes, there are serious shades of Untitled Goose Game here, but Little Kitty, Big City’s feline protagonist is infinitely more adorable than that long-necked menace. Just dashing around, sneaking through holes is a complete joy, as is knocking plant pots off fences.

Little Kitty Big City

Jumping is fun too, though we feel that developer Double Dagger Studio has underestimated just how high your average moggy can jump. As many cat owners know, you only have to turn around and they’ll be on top of the kitchen cabinets.

Shenanigans aside, you’ll be enlisting the help of some animal friends. The demo saw us attempting to bribe a crow instead of, say, leaving its headless corpse on someone’s doormat. That probably wouldn’t fit with the game’s aesthetic, though.

The animation is absolutely gorgeous and the cartoony graphics help it hit the right whimsical notes. We never got tired of our moggy freaking out when we accidentally (honest) stepped in a puddle. Every cat we’ve ever owned has treated water like boiling acid and that reaction – a mixture of terror and offense – is spot on.

Little Kitty Big City

Sure, your overall objective is to get home but there are hats to wear, stuck raccoons to rescue and plenty of other diversions. Because when it comes to Little Kitty, Big City, the little things count. We’re going to be diving back into the demo until we’ve milked every last drop of ridiculousness out of it.

Little Kitty, Big City will launch in 2024, padding its way onto PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch. So, sadly, we’re going to have to wait a while for the full rogue-kitty experience. But based on this PC demo, which you can download now, we could be in for a clawsome experience.

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