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Disney Dreamlight Valley Jafar

Looks Like Aladdin’s Jafar is Coming to Dreamlight Valley Soon

This articles contains minor spoilers for the latest story content of Disney Dreamlight Valley

This week has seen new content land in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It’s been the biggest update so far, bringing not only a new character and a new ability, but also several new story quests. Called The Remembering, the latest Dreamlight Valley missions are all about connecting with The Forgotten, and helping restore the rift in the valley. And, after completing it, we’ve seen the credits roll. But we know there’s still plenty more to come – the “to be continued…” text made sure of that. And the appearance of a very familiar shadow.

Yes, the latest content in Disney Dreamlight Valley has hinted that Jafar will soon be turning up to spice things up in our quaint little village. The villain from Aladdin, Jafar is one of Disney’s most-loved (and hated) villains, and so he’ll make a fantastic addition to the game.

As and when Jafar will arrive in Dreamlight Valley, however, remains to be seen. It’ll not be until later in the year, as the game’s latest content roadmap reveals that Wreck-It Ralph’s Vannelope and Belle from Beauty and the Beast are both arriving this summer. The “late 2023” content mentioned on the roadmap alludes to new story content, and so we imagine Jafar will be part of this.

Still, it’s something to look forward to, and it’s great to know that developer Gameloft has plenty of exciting stuff in the pipeline for Dreamlight Valley.

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