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Martian Sci-Fi Thriller Fort Solis Gets an August Release Date

Fort Solis

Fort Solis, out this August, asks the all important question, “What kind of moron would try to colonise Mars?”

Let’s face it, there are enough games, movies and books out there that anyone in their right mind should give the planet a wide berth. Fiction they may be but they still serve to illustrate the potential horrors of Martian colonisation. And, coming this August, Fort Solis is set to through more nightmares into the mix.

What we don’t yet know is whether there’s an alien shenanigans going on. We suspect not, given that the game is billed as a psychological sci-fi thriller. Instead, it looks as if the Martian colony you investigate may have fallen victim to paranoia-induced panic.

“No-one trusts anyone anymore,” a line in the trailer explains, borrowing from John Carpenter’s The Thing. Your job is to figure out precisely what happened to the colonists and then escape with your life. We’re sure it’ll be an absolute cakewalk.

The game was announced back in 2022, as part of that year’s Summer Game Fest. The trailer looks suitably unsettling with your protagonist exploring the titular complex. We’re tempted to say they should have given it a more upbeat name than ‘Fort Solis’ but, honestly, Raccoon City didn’t have a good time of it either.

Fort Solis is set for an August 22nd release on PS5, PC and Mac. In the meantime, you can check out the new trailer above and wishlist it on Steam.

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