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Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker is Free to Play Until Next Week

Meet Your Maker, Behaviour Interactive’s FPS/murder fortress maker, is free to play until next week on PlayStation and PC.

If you’ve not played Meet Your Maker, here’s your chance. We reviewed it back in April, awarding it an 8 out of 10 and we’ve been dipping back in and out of it ever since. It’s a game of two halves – you raid player-constructed outposts, either dodging traps or dying horribly until you get it right.

Then, with the resources you gather, you build your own outpost. When people die there, you get to plunder their remains. That, in turn, helps you build more fortress and so on. Both aspect of the game are a blast though we got a kick out of designing some truly devious trap layouts.

Why is this going free now? Because Behaviour has just released the game’s biggest chunk of DLC so far, Sector 1: Dreadshore. It adds a handful of new traps and foes to the game, as well as some other cosmetics.

Even better, the DLC is free until July 10th so if you do choose to purchase the game after the trial, you’ll get a little something extra to murder people with. Hey, they’ll die horribly, but it’ll be in an aesthetically pleasing murder fortress.

Meet Your Maker’s free trial is runs from now until Monday 3rd of July. The full game is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, priced at $29.99. At least, that’s what it normally costs. Right now, you can pick it up for 25% off.

Just be warned, some players can be really, really creative when it comes to horribly murdering you. So you’ll have fun but be prepared to throw the odd controller or six through your window.

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