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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Free Dune DLC Will Let You Soar Over Arrakis

Microsoft Flight Simulator Dune

With Dune: Part Two arriving this year, Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting some free Dune DLC that sees you flying around Arrakis.

Announced as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase Extended, the Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Dune DLC promises to give you the freedom to explore the fictional planet. You’ll soar past mountains, factories and.. sandworms, maybe?

We’ve got our fingers crossed for sandworms, certainly. These massive monsters are one of the hallmarks of the Dune series. However, we have our doubts because as great as Microsoft Flight Simulator is, it’s not really set up for action.

However, we do dig the way Dune’s ornithopter moves, resembling some kind of mechanical dragonfly. We’re definitely looking forward to getting our hands on that, crashing repeatedly, then giving up and going to watch Dune: Part 2 and the cinema.

In fact, the DLC is timed to arrive alongside the movie which is a smart marketing move. However, it does mean you’ll have to wait till November to get your hands on it. But based on what we’ve seen it could be worth the wait, particularly if you’re a hardcore fan of the series.

There’s also set to be a secret mission in-game which could well involve utilising the vehicle’s fast take-off ability. In-universe, the ornithopter needs to be able to move quickly in the event of a sandworm attack. Which, again, we’re hoping against hope figures into the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Dune DLC arrives this November 3, 2023. It’ll require the full  game, which is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Summer Game Fest 2023 coverage by clicking here.

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