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Operation Wolf: First Mission VR

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is Resurrecting the Classic Light-Gun Shooter

Remember Operation Wolf? It’s coming to VR in the form of Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR.

And if you don’t remember it, you’re probably not old like us. But the non-VR Operation Wolf was a popular 1980s arcade shooter that used cabinet-mounted lightguns and made the leap to multiple home formats. It saw you shooting your way through wave upon wave of enemies, rail shooter style and was a real blast (sorry) in short bursts.

Now, thanks to developer Virtuallyz Gaming and publisher Microids it’s back, albeit with a distinctly non-pixellated look. This time around they’ve gone for a slightly cel-shaded aesthetic though, going by the trailer, it’ll be just as chaotic as the original.

There’s also set to be a survival mode, with players struggling to take on increasingly tough waves of foes. And, unlike the arcade, you won’t be able to resurrect yourself by shoving coin after coin in.

According to Microids, the game will feature a solo campaign with six levels. There’ll also be support for two players, though it’s not yet clear how that’ll pan out. Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission is set for a VR release this July 13th, coming to Steam VR, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR 2 and Pico 4.

But if you don’t have a VR headset, don’t despair, there’s also a non-VR version arriving at a later date. Now.. about Terminator 2: The Arcade Game..

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