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Remedy Has Explained Alan Wake 2’s Character Switching Mechanic

alan Wake II Concept Art

When Remedy revealed that Alan Wake 2 was going to have two characters, we wondered just how that was going to work. Now, the developer has explained.

Sure, Alan Wake’s name may be in the title but he’s not this survival horror’s only protagonist. He’ll be joined by FBI agent Saga Anderson, not least because the last time we saw him he was still in the Dark World. We suspect Saga will be instrumental in getting him out of there.

There are set to be two single-player stories, which converge at the beginning and ending of the game. In fact, if you’ve played Resident Evil 2 that might sound a little familiar. But unlike Capcom’s title you’ll be able to switch between the characters mid-game.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Remedy’s Sam Lake (creator of Alan Wake) and Kyle Rowley (the game’s director) explained how it will work. The game will have be ‘Break Rooms’ where you can switch characters. Though you can also play through most of the game as one character.

That’s a step above Resident Evil 2 though that’s not quite as much freedom as Grand Theft Auto 5 gave you. What’s not clear is whether you’ll have to share pick-ups and so on. In theory if it’s two separate stories there’ll be two separate item pools.

But we’re actually hoping there’ll be some interaction at least. One of the best things about the original non-remake Resident Evil 2 was, by undertaking certain actions, being able to unlock an item for your second character.

You can read the full interview here. It features a wealth of Alan Wake 2 information so it’s well worth a browse. As for Alan Wake 2, it’s coming to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S this October 17th.

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