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Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village Has Sold Eight Million Copies

Capcom has revealed that Resident Evil Village has sold over eight million copies since its release two years ago.

That’s pretty impressive, particularly given that is protagonist has been a little divisive. The eighth game in the Resident Evil series, Village was a follow up to Resident Evil 7 BioHazard, which introduced everyman Ethan.

Compared to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style feel of the original, it folded back in more traditional Resident Evil elements and it also gave us the much.. shall we say, admired, Lady Dimitrescu. Turns out ten foot towering vampire ladies are good for marketing, who’d have though it? Though her boss battle still feels like a mistake.

“We owe this to all of our amazing fans. Thank you so much!”, tweeted one of Capcom’s official dev accounts. Sadly, they didn’t reveal what was next on the cards for the series so we’ll just have to wait.

Does this make it the best selling Resident Evil game ever? No, that honour is held by Resident Evil 5, which has sold over fourteen million copies. Could it be the next Resident Evil game to get remade, after Resident Evil 4?

It’s possible, with Capcom sending out surveys asking players for their opinion on which remake they’d like next. We’re still curious to see what Capcom would do with Resident Evil: Code Veronica but we’d be very surprised if that actually happened.

And if you’re wondering what makes Resident Evil Village so great, check out our review here. 

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