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Seven Years After Launch, No Man’s Sky Has Arrived on Mac

No Man's Sky Best games like Minecraft on Xbox
Image: Hello Games

Space exploration game No Man’s Sky has landed on Apple Mac, complete with seven years of content.

We’re tempted to ding Hello Games for taking so long to bring No Man’s Sky to the Mac.  But given that they’ve been updating the game for years, for free, we’ll let that fly. Sure, the original game didn’t live up to the hype but seven years later, it’s improved immensely.

Yes, we still want an actual, driveable capital ship but we’re not sure that’s ever going to happen. Hello Games’ Shaun Murray has been teasing the Mac version via Twitter. But, like idiots, we thought the apple symbol meant a farming update was on the way.

There’s also “another surprise in the VERY near future”, according to Murray so expect another update soon, though maybe not as big the recently released Interceptor update. Look, we just want to annihilate other colossal vessels using massive laser beams, is that to much too ask?

Sorry. Back on topic, the Mac release, which is free to those who own the PC version on Steam, works on “..on any Mac with Apple silicon.” According to Apple’s site that’s as follows:

So it’ll run on a 2020 Mac Mini but that G4 you bought from Cash Generator for £30 isn’t going to be able to handle it. If you do have one of those machines, you’ve seven years of galaxy exploration to catch up with, so enjoy.

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