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Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws Has Big Doctor Aphra Energy and a Furry Axolotl

It’s still early days for Star Wars Outlaws but the trailer makes it look like a Doctor Aphra game and we’re absolutely here for that.

If you’re wondering who the hell Doctor Aphra is, she’s (largely) exclusive to the Star Wars comics, and is an archaeologist who’s pretty much out for herself. Half Han Solo, Half Lara Croft, she’s had narrow scrapes with half the galaxy, Darth Vader included. And while Star Wars Outlaws has its own protagonist, we’re definitely getting a similar vibe.

Like Aphra, it’s entirely possible that protagonist Kay Vess’s objectives will align with the Rebellion. Revealed at last night’s Xbox Games Showcase, this open-world Star Wars game takes place during the reign of the Empire. So old bucket-head will still be kicking about, as will Luke Skywalker and co. But we’re hoping that, like Aphra and unlike Han Solo, she remains a free agent.

The mention of the galaxy’s crime syndicates also has us grinning. There could be the potential for some double-crosses there, pitting Vess’s would-be employers against the Empire. The trailer makes it clear that she’s out for herself, though we’re slightly worried it’ll have Vess putting a team together.

Please, Ubisoft Massive – don’t. Just don’t. Let Vess keep striking out on her own. Well, she’s got a super-adorable Axolotl-style sidekick, but they’re not going to be tearing any arms off. Have us bang heads with the Rebellion but don’t give Vess a cause other than self-preservation.

Admittedly, the trailer we’re getting this from features absolutely zero gameplay. We have our fingers crossed tonight’s Ubisoft Forward shows the game in action. But after Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, excellent as it is, we’re ready to be something other than a hero.

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