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The Callisto Protocol’s Final Transmission DLC is Causing a Stir

The Callisto Protocol’s Final Transmission DLC has been released and it’s raising a few eyebrows. Be warned, we’re going to get into spoiler territory.

At least, it’s released if you’ve got the game on PS4 or PS5, since that platform got The Callisto Protocol’s Final Transmission DLC a couple of days early. It’s launching today on all other platforms.

So what’s up with it? Some people have been calling the combat repetitive, unhappy that it takes a while to get your hands on the DLC’s big weapon. But that’s not the only oddity about this this chunk of paid DLC.

What stands out, in particular, is that the ending feels like a farewell to the whole franchise. It’s no secret that this survival horror game, from some of the team behind Dead Space, didn’t live up to expectations as far as sales go. So, with a sequel looking a little unlikely, it’s not entirely surprising that the DLC draws a line under the whole IP. What is surprising is how it accomplishes this.

The Final Transmission kills off protagonist Jacob Lee in a manner that invalidates your actions throughout the DLC. Even Mass Effect’s The Lazarus Project would be hard pressed to resurrect him, given the condition his corpse is left in.

You could say that the title, Final Transmission, should have been a big clue. But this is final in a way we didn’t expect. Sure, the series could continue with Dani at the helm but we’re not counting on that either.

The good thing is that the series has been given a half-decent send-off, story wise. There are plenty of properties – games, shows and so on, that just end on a cliffhanger. We’ve never forgiven Netflix for ending The Santa Clarita Diet the way it did.

But for now, it feels like Striking Distance Studios are done with The Callisto Protocol. At the very least, Jacob’s story is over.

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