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The Latest Diablo 4 Hotfix Helps Stop Players Getting Out of their Depth

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has a new hotfix which fixes what is, on reflection, a pretty cool bug.

Well, it’s cool if you’re the one actually exploiting it but perhaps not so great if you’re on the receiving end. If we’d known about this Diablo 4 bug we’d have been very, very tempted to abuse the hell out of it, pre hotfix.

The bug in question let “players in World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 could invite others to their party that were not eligible for those higher tiers.” In other words, if you’d unlocked Tier 4 difficulty, you could “invite” players who were underleveled and under-prepared for the hellishness on offer.

We’re grinning just thinking about it, because we are absolutely terrible. Just imagine being able to invite someone into your game, only for them to find every monster could kill them by breathing on them. Sadly, this opportunity has now been taken from us. We hope you’re happy, Blizzard.

That issue aside, the hotfix also improves the game’s general performance and stability. And it fixes a bug where players could incorrectly see World Tiers as unlocked. The hotfix doesn’t specify whether players could access those tiers uninvited but we suspect not.

You can find this Diablo 4 hotfix and previous hotfixes detailed here. And if you want to know why you should be diving into Diablo 4, check out our review.

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