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The Latest Diablo 4 Patch Buffs the Necromancer But Nerfs the Barbarian

Diablo 4 has a new patch, featuring quite a few class-balancing changes.

You can expect the game to keep on getting patched, with it being an online game, but this latest Diablo 4 patch may raise a few eyebrows. In fact, if your class of choice is Barbarian you might feel like throwing down your sword.

The patch makes quite a lot of changes across all the different classes but the ones that come off best and worst are the Necromancer and Barbarian respectively. You can find the full patch notes here, but here’s a summary of how each class has fared.

  • Barbarian –attacks and powers do less damage and aren’t as quick to re-use.
  • Druid – critical attacks now do a little less damage but other attacks generally do more.
  • Necromancer – attacks, spells and so forth all do more damage and their powers take less time to cool down.
  • Rogue – their Twisting Blades skill cools down quicker but otherwise their skills balance out.
  • Sorcerer – Arc Lash and Teleport have reduced cooldown times but some of their other powers have seen a minor damage reduction.

Class specific tweaks aside, there are various fixes aimed at making the game more stable. And if you’ve not played Diablo 4, check out our review to find out why you absolutely should.

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