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The System Shock Remake Could be Coming to Console Soon

System Shock 1 (1)

Nightdive Studios, developer of the System Shock remake, has confirmed that the console version is definitely on the horizon.

The System Shock remake was Kickstarted in 2016, so there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since Nightdive originally stated their intent to put the remake on consoles. The game has had a troubled development, to say the least.

But the PC version is out and while it feels a little dated, there’s plenty of fun to be had. More importantly, it actually exists! And now, Nightdive has put out a Kickstarter update confirming that the console version is all but complete.

The update says that, “Console versions are running smoothly but need a few rounds of QA support before we move to certification.” QA is quality assurance so it’s entirely possible there could be some unforseen issues or bugs. But if all goes well, the game could be out on console in the next month or two.

In the update, the studio also states how pleased they are with the game’s reception. They’re currently working on a patch and there’s also a new element that’s set to be patched into the game.

“Oink oink” is all the update says but they’re almost certainly referring to System Shock 2’s GamePig mini console. This let you play basic games within that title and it looks very much as if that feature is coming to the remake, too.

Okay, playing mini-games while a murderous AI runs rampant may seem off, but everyone needs to take a break. That’s assuming, of course, you’ve risked life and limb to collect the cartridges.

The post also has updates on other backer rewards, physical copies included. So if you backed the Kickstarter, you can find out more here.

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