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The Xbox One Won’t Be Getting Any More First Party Games

It had to happen eventually, but Microsoft has confirmed it won’t be putting out any more first party Xbox One games.

The news was revealed over at Axios. “We’ve moved on to Gen 9,” Matt Booty (Microsoft’s games studio chief) told the site. Yes, the current generation of consoles really is the ninth, with the Xbox One etc being the eighth. We feel so very, very, very old.

Does that mean your last-gen console is suddenly obsolete? No though, as has been the case with most consoles, there’ll be a point when it gets left behind. It’s never great news but the Xbox One has had a good run, unlike some Mega CDs.. er, consoles, we could mention. Microsoft also stopped making the console in January 2022.

What this does mean is that, going forward, Microsoft-owned studios won’t be making any more games for the Xbox One. So Bethesda Softworks, Tango Gameworks and so on will be focusing on the Xbox Series X|S.

Companies that aren’t owned by Microsoft will still be putting out Xbox One games for a good while. There are plenty of Xbox Ones out there so it’d be foolish to just cut them off when there’s money to be made.

However, it may still give companies pause for thought. Making a game that works on both current and last-gen consoles tends to involve some sort of compromise. For now it’s just Microsoft waving goodbye to the console but that will change.

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