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Capcom June 2023 Showcase

There’s a New Capcom Showcase Happening Next Week

Capcom has a new showcase taking place next week, with 30+ minutes of gaming coverage.

Sure, Street Fighter 6 is out but there are other games for this Capcom Showcase to feature. Capcom states it will have “new information about Capcom’s upcoming releases and future titles with our fans around the world!”

Which titles could they be talking about? Well, Exoprimal is in the works (check out our hands-on preview) and the remaster of Ghost Trick arrives later this month. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a Dino Crisis remaster or sequel but we’ve been disappointed before. A lot.

Could we get a reveal of a new Resident Evil remake? It’s very, very unlikely given that Capcom has, recently, been surveying players to see which entry they’d like to see remade. But, back to Street Fighter 6, we may well see some of the upcoming DLC fighters in action.

So how, when and where can you watch this Capcom Showcase? It’s taking place this Monday 12th June at 3:00 PM PDT / 11:00 PM BST. You’ll be able to watch it via YouTube on Capcom’s own channel, though it does come with a warning.

Capcom has advised that “some of the games included in the show aren’t suitable for children,” so don’t let Little Billy watch it. We guess it also means that Street Fighter X Paw Patrol isn’t happening.

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