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Under the Waves

This August, Under the Waves Reveals its Aquatic Mysteries

Under the Waves arrives this August and we can’t wait to dive in.

Terrible, terrible puns aside, we’re glad that last night’s Summer Game Fest Showcase has put this on our radar because it looks as if Under the Waves could be a bit of a treat. It’s published by Quantic Dream but it’s being being developed by Parallel Studio so the inevitable twist should be more palatable. No, we’ve never really forgiven Heavy Rain.

It casts you an underwater explorer, Stan, who, instead of living in some vast bottom-of-the-ocean complex occupies a small station. He went there for the solitude after a particularly tragic event. Aside from the radio, his only companion is the computer voice that helps run the station.

That might sound like a cue for a rogue AI plot but going by the trailer it’s no smarter than Alex. Instead, he starts hearing voices so either there’s something else down there with him or he’s slowly losing his mind. Which is it? Time to flip a coin.

It certainly looks absolutely gorgeous. As much as we love Subnautica the presence of actual, real-world animals makes it particularly appealing. And now it’s finally got a release date, August 29th, which is when it lands on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

In the meantime, you can wishlist it on Steam here. Let’s just hope Stan hasn’t been dead the whole time.

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