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This Google Katamari Damacy Minigame is Absolutely Amazing

Katamari Damacy Google

Google has some curious little easter eggs and minigames but this Katamari Damacy one really is amazing.

We have YouTuber Jim Caddick to thank for highlighting this, we’d never have dreamed of trying this, not in a million years. But this particular minigame will let you use a Katamari to roll up a whole page’s worth of Google results.

To access the minigame you have to search for Katamari on Katamari Damacy on Google. That’ll bring up the words “Katamari – Video game” to the right, along with an animated Katamari ball.

Now, click on the Katamari ball and a bigger Katamari will appear on screen. Now, using the arrow keys, you can roll it around the screen picking up text, images and basically anything. There may even be a way to get it working with other non-Katamari result pages but we’ve not discovered that yet.

How cool is that? The correct answer is, “very”. However, there’s another semi-related easter egg. If you type in Splatoon and click on the paint splash you can now cover the page with paint, anywhere you click. To get back to the page you’ll have to hit F5.

We tried putting in Hitman but, sadly, there’s no minigame where you can assassinate your search results. Still, we can see ourselves spending more time than is strictly health with that first little easter egg.

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