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Undead Inc. Asks: What if Umbrella Corp Wasn’t Rubbish?

Undead Inc.

Undead Inc. has its own Albert Wesker but, more importantly, it’s a chance to be better than the Umbrella Corporation.

Announced at yesterday’s PC Gaming Show, it’s pretty obvious that this zombie-based management sim is meant to make you Albert Wesker. The trailer even has the manager mutate, using his new form to take on the undead.

But unlike the Umbrella Corporation and their sometimes employee Albert Wesker, Undead Inc should let you do things right. Well, it should let you do wrong things right – you’re still going to be making mutants, zombies and so forth.

So, instead of spending money on elaborate locks, which require six gems to get to the toilet, you can plough cash into better anti-zombie measures. You know, ones that don’t kill the employees?

Surprisingly, Undead Inc.’s trailer was entirely animated and, while it was cool, we didn’t get to see any gameplay. The good news is that there are a few screenshots on the game’s Steam page, which you can scroll through below. It reminds us a little of Fallout Shelter, with the modular way you construct your base.

As revealed in an interview with developer Right Sized Games, the bigger your company gets the harder it’s going to be to keep a lid on things. Like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but with more mind-controlled gorillas, there’ll be people who are after your secrets.

And even if it’s not corporate espionage, keeping the press unaware could be a huge, huge challenge. The one advantage the Umbrella Corporation did have was that their financial reach virtually let them buy Raccoon City. And, like them, you’re trying to maintain the illusion of being a ‘normal’ company.

As fun as this all sounds, there’s, sadly, no release date or even release year for Undead Inc. as yet. The screenshots are marked pre-alpha so don’t expect to see it this year. Still, that’ll give us time to draw up our sinister plans.

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