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House Flipper 2

We’re Obsessed With Our House Flipper 2 Demo Beach House

One of our favourite demos to come out of Steam Next Fest has to be House Flipper 2. We knew we were going to have a great time with it beforehand: it’s a sequel to the successful House Flipper, and we’re low-key obsessed with games that let us renovate stuff. It’s a win-win. But we didn’t expect a demo to throw so much content at us. Essentially, House Flipper 2’s demo gives us full rein of an entire beach house renovation, and we’re absolutely obsessed with it.

It’s not a huge beach house, granted. But if you consider yourself something of a newbie house renovator, it’s the perfect size to get to grips with all the tools that the full game of House Flipper 2 is going to offer. Before you really get going, you’ll need to clear out trash, clean walls, floors and ceilings, and remove any old and useless furniture. Then the real graft begins: maybe you’ll need to repair broken walls or change out windows before you can begin to redecorate. It’s graft, but it’s oh so rewarding, and seeing a room come together after your hard work will leave you grinning like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on an episode of Changing Rooms.

There’s a strict set of instructions to work towards in House Flipper 2. You’ll need to use mandated paint colours and furnishings if you want to hit your goal. But if you have any money left over, you can add your own flair, making the beach house feel like your own. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be gutted it’s not actually a real house you can go and visit. It’s wonderfully cosy – providing you do a good job of your renovations, of course.

Despite having so many complex tools at your disposal, getting to grips with House Flipper 2’s controls has been a cinch. Helpfully, there’s a series of tutorials you can access, laden around the house as beginner’s guidebooks. Every individual action – from painting to selling items – has its own book, so figuring out what to do in any situation will only ever take a few minutes.

Of course, the full version of House Flipper 2 will boast lots more content than just one beach house, and we can’t wait to be let loose on more properties. There’s no release date just yet, but it’s scheduled to come to PC at some point this year. If you can’t wait, the first House Flipper is available right now, with a wealth of DLC packs available. And, of course, you can tackle House Flipper 2’s beach house yourself via the free Steam demo.

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