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A New Star Wars Jedi Game is Apparently in Development

Star Wars Jedi is getting a follow-up, according to several EA job postings.

Tech4Gamers, by way of VG247, spotted that EA is advertising for several roles, all tied to a new Star Wars Jedi game. The roles include Senior VFX Artist and Principle Game Writer, and specifically mention the franchise.

The Principle Game Writer role states EA is after someone who has a “..strong understanding of the story development process, and a passion for third-person action-adventure games and the Star Wars universe.”

The rest of the posting is fairly generic. It suggests that it’s early days for this sequel, prequel or whatever it turns out to be. We’re glad there’s mention of multiplayer – we loved Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and our one fear is that EA will look towards making a live service sequel.

That said, there’s no confirmation this is a sequel. It could equally be a spin off or even a prequel set in the days of the Old Republic. We would absolutely play the hell out of either game. It’d be the closest we’re ever likely to get to a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3, anyway.

If any of the roles are up your street (remote work is an option), you can check them out here. Just remember to wear a Poncho to the interview.


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