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The Best Tennis Games on PC

Best tennis games pc

One of the most popular sports in the world, if you’re a PC gamer you might be wondering what tennis games are available for your format of choice. There are a lot, actually, but a lot of them just aren’t very good. Videogames based on tennis seemed to have their heyday years ago, with the likes of Topspin and Virtua Tennis being particularly memorable. So you might be wondering: what are the best tennis games on PC right now?

We’ve assembled a list of the eight best tennis games currently available on PC, and have tried to cover a decent range of what’s on offer. Whether you want a serious game of tennis, one that’s a bit more arcadey, or even want to play tennis in VR, there’s something for you here. So, don’t make a fault; scroll down our list and we’re sure you’ll find something to love.

1. Tennis Elbow 4

Tennis Elbow 4 (1)

It may not look great, but if you’re after the best tennis games on PC you should definitely check out Tennis Elbow 4. While it’s available via Early Access, it’s pretty much feature complete, so you can have hours of fun progressing your career or playing against others online. Tennis Elbow 4 can be made even better if you tinker with mods that are available for it, too.

2. Matchpoint – Tennis Championships

Metchpoint Tennis Championships review 2 (1)

Matchpoint – Tennis Championships is one of the better-looking tennis games on this list, but it’s still not technically all that impressive. That’s just the state of tennis games right now, it would seem. In any case, what’s really important is that it provides a good game of tennis, especially once you’ve mastered its unique mechanics that allow you to see where your ball will go. We just wish it had a sprint button.

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3. AO Tennis 2

Again, another tennis game that’s pretty good but isn’t all that attractive to look at. While the original AO Tennis was very disappointing, this one improves upon it in just about every way. And so, whether you want to create your own player and lead them to success, or take on other players online, AO Tennis 2 will serve you well. Is it the best tennis game on PC? Probably not, but it’s up there with them.

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4. Tennis Manager 2023

Tennis Manager 2023 (1)

The newest game on this list, Tennis Manager 2023 is for those who want to take more of a backseat approach to tennis. In this title you take the helm of an academy, and must demonstrate you have the skill and knowledge to lead your stable of players to success. You’ll need to make important decisions when it comes to matters such as financial security and training, and coach your players during games. Needless to say, those with strategic minds seeking out the best tennis games on PC should give this a try.

5. First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator

First Person Tennis (1)

Want to get in the thick of the action? For those with a capable PC and VR headset, First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator will be a revelation. A game for those who are really into tennis, this is an energetic experience that’s as lifelike as can be. That means your positioning really matters, as your technique will be really put to the test. Once you’re brave enough, you can play against others online.

6. Tennis Elbow Manager 2

Tennis Elbow Manager 2 (1)

Made by Mana Games, the same developer that created Tennis Elbow 4 at the top of this list, Tennis Elbow Manager 2 lets you become a coach and manage up to nine players. You’ll need to plan their training sessions, arrange their sponsors and a whole lot more. What’s really neat, though, is that you can also take control of your players during matches, giving you the best of both worlds.

7. Super Tennis Blast

All of the entries on this list of the best tennis games on PC have been pretty serious so far, so here’s something for those who want something a little more fun. Super Tennis Blast is a retro-styled take on the popular game, with fun visuals and more arcadey gameplay. The only disappointing thing about it is that it doesn’t have online multiplayer, but you can still face off against or team up with others locally.

8. Tennis in the Face

Tennis in the Face (1)

The final game on this list isn’t actually a tennis game at all, but it is tennis themed. In Tennis in the Face you play as a disgruntled tennis ace who’s set on saving his city from a corporation peddling fizzy drinks. To do that, you need to complete a large number of levels that require you to serve tennis balls to hit targets – preferably in the face. It’s not tennis, then, but it’s ridiculous fun for tennis fans.

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