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Diablo 4’s Latest Hotfix Contains a Warning About Exploit-Acquired Items

Diablo 4

The notes for Diablo 4’s latest pair of hotfixes suggest that, in future, Blizzard may choose to remove items that have been acquired to due “exploits”.

Why has this even come up? Because, after Diablo 4’s 1.04 patch, the online dungeon-crawler started spitting out unique items a little more frequently than it was supposed to. According to Blizzard, the issue was that “Uber Unique items had an unintended higher chance to drop from Helltide Chests.”

They’ve confirmed that only 142 accounts received a Uber Unique item which, considering player numbers, is still relatively low. They’ve decided not to remove those items from players inventories but have said that, “In the future, we may need to take action to maintain fairness within the game when a bug or exploit impacts the gameplay of others.”

This declaration has proved contentious, but not just in the way you might expect. Some people have been complaining that Blizzard didn’t remove the uniques that were acquired. Others were angry that, when the bug was spotted, the company disabled Uber Unique drops entirely.

The other big change is that the Necromancer’s Enhanced Blood Lance has been nerfed. It will now pierce 10 enemies maximum and Aspect of Hungry Blood skill launches three at most. Why has this been nerfed? Surprisingly, it’s not just for balancing issues.

Instead, the lance has proved so effective it’s been crashing the game. Blizzard are working on fixing this but, in the short term, they’ve dialled it back. So if that was your go to skill it won’t be quite as useful. Maybe some skeleton-meddling is in order.

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