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Diablo 4’s Latest Patch Has Accidentally Nerfed Aberrant Cinders Drop Rate

In time for Season of the Malignant kicking off later this week, Diablo 4 has just had a huge patch. While there’s plenty to be happy about, players are up in arms at some of the changes implemented. One of the most annoying, though, is an error, it turns out: the drop rate of Aberrant Cinders in the Helltide.

If you’ve been in the Helltide since the Diablo 4 patch went live this afternoon, you may have found yourself, well, lacking in the Aberrant Cinders department. Some changes have been made to the Helltide, such as the fact that Tortured Gift of Mysteries Chests now cost 250 Cinders to open, rather than 175. Grumble, grumble. Not ideal, but we can live with it. What’s less ideal, however, is that the current drop rate of Aberrant Cinders is utterly broken. Good luck even getting 250 Cinders in the full 60 minutes.

We caught the tail-end of a Helltide this evening, managing to scrape together 75 Cinders  in around 20 minutes. Just enough to open a regular chest (the price of which has stayed the same). Previously, we’d have done this in a fraction of the time: enemies almost always dropped at least one cinder, and events were a great way to get them. Instead, doing an event tonight netted us a paltry five Cinders. And around 75% of enemies haven’t been dropping any at all.

Thankfully, it’s not intentional. Diablo head Rod Fergusson responded to a query regarding the current Aberrant Cinder drop rate on Twitter, stating it’s “a bug that will be fixed in our first hot fix”. Phew. Because, honestly, we quite like opening those Mystery chests.

The bad news is we’re not sure exactly when the first hot fix will come. Hopefully not long, because this bug is an annoying one if you’re a fan of Helltides, like we are.

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