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Dreamlight Valley DreamSnap Challenge 19-25 July Guide: Dreamlight Ball

Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps

Do you need some help creating a great picture for the Dreamlight Valley DreamSnap Challenge this week? Here’s everything you need to know about the Dreamlight Ball challenge, running between 19th and 25th July.

The theme of this week’s DreamSnap Challenge in Disney Dreamlight Valley is “Dreamlight Ball”. It’s an outfit challenge, which means it’s all about clothing: furniture doesn’t count this week.

The entry requirements are as follows:

  • 3x Elegant
  • 5x Wondrous

Bonus points are up for grabs for also incorporating Lavish and Traditional.

We’ve found this challenge to be a pretty easy one, thanks to there being several clothing items with all four tags. To filter by tags, go to your Wardrobe, and select a category. Press square/X to bring up the Filter menu. In there, you can select one or more of this week’s words. Back out, and you’ll see all items in your collection that fit those tags. If you need to buy new items, you can search with the same filters in Scrooge’s shop.

The following items are tagged with Elegant, Wondrous, Lavish and Traditional, making them ideal for completing the Dreamlight Ball DreamSnap Challenge:

  • Greyish White Evening Gloves
  • Astral Boots
  • Grand Skirt
  • Grand Jacket
  • Sun and Moon Crown
  • Sparkly Wings

The following accessories are also tagged with both Elegant and Wondrous:

  • Classic Gold Hoops (earrings)
  • Gray Round Wireframe Glasses

Once you’re dressed, pull out your camera to take a picture. Head into the main menu and onto the ‘Events’ tab to submit your DreamSnap Challenge. You’ll find out how you did on Wednesday 26th July when the current event ends.

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