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Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley DreamSnap Challenge 26 July-2 Aug Guide: Ocean Views

Do you need some help creating a great picture for the Dreamlight Valley DreamSnap Challenge this week? Here’s everything you need to know about the Ocean Views challenge, running between 26th July and 2nd August.

The theme of this week’s DreamSnap Challenge in Disney Dreamlight Valley is “Ocean Views”. It’s an decor challenge, which means it’s all about furniture, items and home decoration. Clothing doesn’t count this week.

The entry requirements are as follows:

  • 3x Moana
  • 5x Playful

Bonus points are up for grabs for also incorporating ‘Familiar’ items, and things from Lilo & Stitch.

You can check your own inventory first, but it might be wise visiting Scrooge’s shop and seeing what items you can buy. To filter by tags, go talk to Scrooge to browse his catalogue. Select ‘All’, then press square/X to add a tag. You can choose multiple tags if you want. Back out, and you’ll see all the items that fit those tags. You can search your own inventory in the same way.

Choosing items for ‘Ocean Views’ DreamSnap Challenge

The following items are available in Donald’s Shop and are tagged with Playful, Moana and Familiar:

  • Maui’s #1 Fan Statue (Outdoors only)

The following items are available in Donald’s Shop tagged with Moana:

  • Cooking Fire Pit
  • Island Drawings
  • Conch Shell
  • Tropical Fruit Bowl
  • Circular Rocky Pool
  • Ornamental Palm Fronds

The following items are tagged with Lilo & Stitch and Playful:

  • Ugly Duckling Book

And here’s a selection of items you can choose from tagged with Playful and Familiar:

  • Black kitchen units
  • Classic blender
  • Silly area rug
  • Burro Pinata
  • Yellow Bike
  • Ceremony Day Gift
  • Magical Balloon Bundle
  • Rounded frame

Where to take photo for Disney Dreamlight Valley Ocean Views DreamSnap Challenge

You can complete the Ocean Views DreamSnap Challenge wherever you like. Perhaps you want to use a room in your house, or an area outside. We’d perhaps recommend doing this one outside, as many of the Moana-tagged items are outdoors-only items.

Once you’ve got set up, take your photo, then head into the ‘Event’ menu to submit your snap. Good luck!

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