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Everybody 1-2-Switch

Everybody 1-2-Switch Review – Party Gaming At Its Best

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Bringing a series of zany minigames into our living rooms, Everybody 1-2-Switch might just be our new favourite party game. Playable with just two players or up to 100, it aims to be a good time no matter who you’re playing with. Ah, yes: it’s one of those rare delights that you can even get your gran involved with, and really, what more could you want from a party game?

Everybody 1-2-Switch wastes no time in getting you straight into the action. Load up the game and you’ll be asked if you want to play with Joy-Cons or with smartphones. Joy-Con play allows up to eight people to join in (providing you have a Joy-Con for everyone), while smartphone play allows for up to 100 people. Good luck crowding 100 people around your living room TV is all that we’ll say. There’s a huge selection of minigames on offer, which will be randomly chosen for you. Some games can be played with both Joy-Con and smartphone, although some games are exclusive to one particular mode of play.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred method of play, you’ll then choose a game mode. You can opt for a short (20 minute), medium (40 minute) or long (60 minute) game or, if you’re playing with smartphones, you can also choose either a quiz or bingo game. Yes: bingo! The thrills! The excitement! We love their inclusion, but the real joy of Everybody 1-2-Switch comes from its selection of weird and wonderful minigames.

Aside from quiz or bingo mode, where every player is for themselves, players will be separated into two teams – the Left and Right teams. Scores will be based on how the team performs as a whole: a short game is won when one team reaches 3 points, and that target increases if you choose a medium or long game.

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You won’t know what minigames you’re going to get until you’ve started playing. Playing with Joy-Cons guarantees you’ll get more action-oriented games, although even with smartphones you’ll be required to do a bit of moving around. There’s a huge variety, from pumping up balloons to donning invisible samurai swords to slash through ninja stars with. Our least favourite – although one that had us erupting into fits of laughter – had us waving a Joy-Con (or mobile) up and down then left to right as we summoned an alien visitor over to us.

Everybody 1-2-Switch

It’s the variety that really wins us over with Everybody 1-2-Switch. A more physical game had us holding a Joy-Con behind our backs as we hip-bounced our opponent out of an invisible arena. In another round, we were having to jot down ice cream orders on our mobile phone before answering questions about those orders. Another saw us hiding a Joy-Con around the room before tasking the other team to hunt it down. Not all games are made equally, granted, but any random selection of them provides an opportunity for silly, competitive fun.

If you have favourite minigames, you can choose individual games to play – but only once you’ve already played them. And so, before you “unlock” all available minigames, you’re going to have to play through random selections. It’ll likely take a good few play sessions but that’s hardly an issue – after all, it’s the whole point of the game.

As far as party games go, Everybody 1-2-Switch is one of the best we’ve played in recent years. Whether you’re simply going head-to-head with a loved one or gathering the whole family together, the minigames here are bound to have you laughing and guffawing your way through them. The variety is excellent, and even the ‘worst’ games in the collection are so silly that you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. At just £25/$30, it’s an absolute steal, too.

Everybody 1-2-Switch Review – GameSpew’s Score

This review of Everybody 1-2-Switch is based on a retail copy of the game, purchased by GameSpew for the purposes of this review. It’s available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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