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Exoprimal Has a Million Players So Capcom is Giving Out a Free Skin

Exoprimal has racked up a million players in the two weeks since its launch, so Capcom are giving all players a new skin.

We should clarify that we’re talking about an in-game skin, the alternative is pretty horrifying. A co-op shooter that pits players against dinosaurs, Exoprimal launched just two weeks ago. Now, over a million people have strapped on their mech suits and blasted away at the game’s scaly foes.

We reviewed Exoprimal and praised its combat though we were disappointed by the lack of modes on offer. There’s a new mode arriving later this month, though it needs more. And we hope that a million players is enough to push Capcom to improve the game even further.

That certainly seems to be the case. Capcom has stated that “We’re hard at work on improvements to the game based on player feedback.” The company is including a free Skywave skin, available to all players, in the August 16 title update.

It’ll have helped that Exoprimal is currently available via Game Pass and that million is the number of people who have played it, not a concurrent total. And, while it may not be Dino Crisis, it’s fun to see the company doing something with dinosaurs.

That said, we do love this rather optimistic fan-theory.  J.J., founder of the Residence of Evil network asks “What if Capcom plans on remaking Dino Crisis and Exoprimal is a quick cash grab to help fund it; all assets were created for the DC remake?”

We wish we had their optimism but we’d be very, very surprised if this was Capcom’s game plan. Still, stranger things have happened in gaming.

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