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Final Fantasy XVI’s Latest Patch Lets You Turn Off Motion Blur

Final Fantasy XVI review

After a not insignificant number of player request, Final Fantasy XVI’s latest patch will let you disable motion blur.

Final Fantasy XVI launched a couple of weeks ago but it featured enforced motion blur. That wasn’t an absolute deal breaker for us (check out our review) but it’s something we often switch off, particularly if it’s eye-offendingly obvious. However, there was no such option on offer at launch.

Now, Final Fantasy XVI patch 1.03 adds in the ability to tweak motion blur, turning it all the way off if you so desire. So if motion blur has been putting you off coming back to the game, now’s the time to rejoin Clive’s story.

That’s not all the patch fixes, however. It also lets you tweak the camera, to decide whether it automatically follows the player when attacking, moving or both. On top of that there are a couple of new controller schemes.

There’s no mention of any stability fixes but we suspect the patch also fixes various smaller, less-frequently seen issues. We’ve yet to fall through Final Fantasy XVI’s scenery but there’s often a handful of bugs that sneak in.

The patch is available right now and if your PS5 doesn’t auto-install it you’ll be prompted to download it. Unlike the Xbox Series X|S it won’t force you to install it but given these improvements we’d recommend you go right ahead.

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