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Fortnite’s Futurama Crossover Skins Are Out Now

Futurama Fortnite Skins

After the Avengers, The Witcher and many others, Fortnite has now joined forces with Futurama.

Why now? Because after being off the air for a few years, Hulu has resurrected Futurama. So, having these skins in Fortnite should help the show reach a whole new audience. You’re still going to have to pay for the skins, though.

That said, we’re actually a little tempted. They’re no Geralt, but hese skins will let you run around as Bender, Philip J. Fry (or his brother Yancy) and Turanga Leela. And, sure, those are pretty cool skins, especially since they’re actually cel-shaded.

But what’s really got our attention is the Hynotoad back-bling. You can run around with Futurama’s infamous amphibian glaring at anyone and everyone. That’s living the dream, right there.

Backpacks and skins aside, you’ll also be able to stumble across Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun, a powerful weapon, though one which requires cooldown. There’s also a Planet Express ship glider. And while poor old Zoidberg has been left out you can, at least, emote with his lobster hands.

You can find full details of these new Fortnite Futurama skins here. They cost 1500 V-Bucks each though you can buy them as a bundle. Now, if only we could get the Animaniacs in there too.

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