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Here’s What You Missed From the Exoprimal Showcase

Exoprimal. Image: Capcom

Exoprimal arrives this Friday and so Capcom put on a final showcase, rounding up what this co-op man vs dinosaurs game has to offer.

Sure, we were hoping they’d announce that it was really Dino Crisis 4 but, no, that didn’t happen. But the ten minute long Exoprimal stream did underline a few things about this online-only game.

And one of those things was that.. yes, it’s online only. But, beyond that, it’ll require a Capcom ID. Street Fighter 6 also requires a Capcom ID for multiplayer play but it does at least have a single player offline mode, that’s not the case here.

It also offered a glimpse of the game’s storyline. Yes, despite all the dinosaur murder, it does have one. Though as one character puts it, “You just like killing dinosaurs? Lights your fire, does it?” Well, yes. That’s.. kind of the reason we’re going to play this game. Don’t knock if, even if it makes Steven Spielberg sad.

Director Takuro Hiraoka also offered some updates on the game, confirming the following:

  • Dino Survival is the main game mode, with two teams of 5 rushing to compete dino-busting objectives. There may be some player vs player combat but that’s not the thrust of the game.
  • Dino Survival will also have moments when all 10 players team-up to deal with one objective, eg taking down a particularly nasty beastie.
  • Exosuits will be fully customisable and upgradable.
  • Savage Gauntlet mode, arriving two weeks after launch, offers tougher fights, ideally aimed at those who’ve upgraded their suits.
  • Players can select whether their final in-game mission is against human players or computer-controlled foes.
  • It’ll feature in-game seasons that, like Diablo 4’s, are 3 months long.
  • The game’s first season kicks off on launch day, with season 2 arriving in October.

You can watch the full showcase above (it begins at the 14 min mark) and pick up Exoprimal this Friday.

Exoprimal launches 14th July on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC

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