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Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Complete A Lost Book in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s everything you need to know about completing the quest called ‘A Lost Book’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley, given to you by the Fairy Godmother.

Before you can start ‘A Lost Book’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to have a level four friendship with The Fairy Godmother. It’s easy enough to level up, but if you need some help check out our handy guide on quickly increasing friendship levels. Once you’ve reached level four, talk to The Fairy Godmother. She’ll tell you that she’s lost a book that Merlin gave her, and while she looks for it, she wants you to help out some villagers.

You have three tasks to complete:

  • Gather 100 sticks for Olaf
  • Take 3 amethysts to Ursula
  • Make Pumpkin Soup for Anna

To make Pumpkin Soup, you’ll need a pumpkin, ginger, any vegetable and milk (which can be purchased from Remy’s restaurant). You’ll need to visit a stove to cook it.

Olaf’s sticks can be any type, so we recommend picking them up around the Plaza and the Meadow, where they’re typically abundant. Finally, Amethysts can be mined from Frosted Heights or Forgotten Lands.

Once you’ve delivered everything, talk to the Fairy Godmother again. She still hasn’t found that book of Merlin’s – so you’re going to have to help her look. Head to her house and clean up all the junk. You’ll see the book on the floor.

Next, take the book back to Merlin’s house, placing it on a shelf just to the left of the door. That’s it: just talk to the Fairy Godmother to finish up the quest.

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