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Disney Dreamlight Valley Vanellope

How to Complete Boss Up in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s everything you need to know about completing the mission called ‘Boss Up’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Boss Up mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Vanellope’s friendship level 7 quest. If you need help levelling up your friendship with her, check out our handy guide by clicking here. Once you’re at level 7 with Vanellope, talk to her to begin the quest. She’s decided that Dreamlight Valley needs boss battles. Uh-oh.

Before you go about battling the villains of Disney Dreamlight Valley, though, you’ll need some “potions”. And so, the first task for you in Boss Up is to craft three Boba Teas – uh, we mean potions. Here’s what you need to make:

  • Raspberry Boba Tea (sugarcane, milk, raspberry)
  • Mint Boba Tea (sugarcane, milk, mint)
  • Coconut Boba Tea (sugarcane, milk, coconut)

Once they’re all made, talk to Vanellope. It’s time to take down the first boss: Ursula! Head to Ursula’s house and talk to her. Hmm, we’re guessing that didn’t go quite how Vanellope had intended. Talk to Vanellope: now she wants you to find a sword in the forest.

Head to The Forest of Valor. You’re looking for a sword in the stone, basically. We found it in the south, near to the orb pillar.

To retrieve the sword, use your shovel on it. You’ll now have a clothing pouch in your inventory containing a wearable sword. Open your inventory (triangle/Y) and use the pouch. Now, toggle to your wardrobe and put on the Pixel Sword and Shield.

Next, follow Vanellope as she heads over to “battle” Mother Gothel. Watch their conversation, and when they’re done, talk to Vanellope. It’s now time for the final boss: none other than Scar. But first, you need to create a lure for him.

To make the Scar Lure, you need the following:

  • 1x Kingfish (fished from Dazzle Beach)
  • 3x Herring (fished from Dazzle Beach or Glade of Trust)
  • 30x Softwood (gathered from Plaza or Meadow)
  • 30x Fiber (crafted from seaweed)

Once you have everything, head to a workbench to make the Scar Lure – you’ll find it in the ‘Furniture’ section of the crafting menu. Use Furniture mode to place the lure right next to Scar’s cave, then talk to Vanellope when you’re done.

All that’s left is to “battle” Scar. Enter his cave and talk to him. Good old Scar: he plays along. Once you’ve defeated him, talk to Vanellope, then pick up the “loot” from the floor. It’s some sort of map: show it to Vanellope, and that’s it. You’ve completed the Boss Up mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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