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Disney Dreamlight Valley Vanellope

How to Complete Fungeons and Dragons in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Remember the map you found as part of Vanellope’s last quest? You’re going to need to look at it to complete Fungeons and Dragons, Vanellope’s Level 10 quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Before you can make a start on Fungeons and Dragons in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to level up your friendship with Vanellope to max. If you need some help, we’ve got some tips for you here. Once you’re at friendship level 10, talk to Vanellope, then head to her house. Once you’re inside, talk to Vanellope again.

Fungeons and Dragons in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Choose a Hero

She’ll ask you to choose the type of hero you want to be – and you’re going to have to dress appropriately for the job. We chose to be the “Farmer Hero”, and as a result had to choose a Rustic costume. To change outfits, head to your inventory (triangle/Y) then toggle to ‘Wardrobe’. Clicking on the ‘Requests’ buttons at the top will automatically apply the relevant filter, showing you the best outfits to wear to fulfil Vanellope’s wish. You can also head into a category then press square/X to open up the filters menu.

Once you’re wearing something suitable, go talk to Vanellope again. She’ll ask you to head to the “Rat’s Inn” and find the Wizard. Er, we’re guessing that means Remy’s restaurant and Merlin.

Or maybe not! Once you’re in the restaurant, talk to Merlin. He’s far too busy for Vanellope’s shenanigans, it turns out, and points you in the direction of Anna. Talk to Anna, and she’ll give you a key. Talk to Vanellope again.

Solving Olaf’s riddles

There’s a second key to find, this time it’s “deep in the Mystical Cave”. Head to the cave on Dazzle Beach, and make your way down to the bottom. (Note, this is the cave filled with the ancient structure – not the one where you first found Ursula.)

At the bottom you’ll find Olaf – er, we mean a terrifying monster – who you must defeat before you can get the key. Olaf will give you some riddles to solve. They’re not exactly tough, but here are the solutions:

  • I’m cold and I always make a point, but I do not talk. What am I? – An icicle
  • I’m always up high. Sometimes you can’t see me. I can melt and burn things from very far away! What am I? – The sun
  • No two are the same, we fall slow from the sky, we come out when it’s cold, and we can pile up high. We are we? – Snowflakes

Defeat the Mastermind: Find the Monster Bestiary

Now, talk to Vanellope again. You’ll need to prepare to face the “Mastermind” with a few tasks:

  • Equip your Pixel Sword by heading back into your Wardrobe. You’ll already have this from an earlier quest with Vanellope.
  • Craft 3x Raspberry Boba Tea (milk, sugar and raspberry)

Next, you need to find the Monster Bestiary in Arendelle Castle. Arendelle Castle is Elsa and Kristoff’s house. Off the main room, you’ll find a library, and the Bestiary is a book lying on the floor. Pick it up, then head to the “Mastermind’s Lair”. That’s the Vitalys Mines behind the waterfall in Sunlit Plateau.

Once in the mines you’ll find Stitch – er, we mean The Mastermind. Talk to him. Now, make your way through the mines, equipping your pickaxe to destroy the cardboard “monsters” and doors that lay in your way. (‘Fire’ cardboard needs to be defeated with your watering can.)

Eventually, you’ll find the dragon, and behind him you’ll find the Princess: Princess Lightyear! Head out of the mines, then head to Vanellope’s house to talk to her. The good news? The chest is yours! The bad news? It’s simply filled with cardboard cutouts. Talk to Vanellope one last time to complete the Fungeons and Dragons quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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