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Karl Pilkington in Street Fighter 6

Karl Pilkington is the DLC Fighter Street Fighter 6 Needs

Street Fighter 6 has a new fighter, in the shape of comedian, present and owner of a very round head, Karl Pilkington.

Okay, that’s not 100% true, Karl Pilkington has been edited into footage of Street Fighter 6, another HuffingtonPants edit. But, thanks to his globe-trotting, sumo-wrestling skills, he gets to take on E. Honda. It.. doesn’t end well.

What’s a little different about this edit is that, thanks to Street Fighter 6’s create a character feature, HuffingtonPants has been able to create an in-game Karl lookalike. That has allowed them to blend the in-game action with video Karl a little more seamlessly.

The video’s just under two minutes long so he only gets to take on Luke and E. Honda. We’re hoping for a sequel where we find out just what Karl thinks of Juri and her weird feet thing.

But right now, you can witness his encounter with E. Honda’s arse and his post-encounter thoughts. It’s just one of many, many Karl-centric videos that HuffingtonPants has put together. Other celebs do occasionally get a look in but it’s mostly all Karl, all the time.

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