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Let's Revolution

Let’s Revolution is Minesweeper Meets Turn-Based Combat

We can’t say we’ve ever really sat and thought about how much we’d love a game that combines Minesweeper with turn-based roguelike combat. But now we’ve been presented with such a thing, we’re not sure why it’s not been done before. Let’s Revolution, out this week on Steam, takes the tile-turning strategy of a Minesweeper puzzle and combines it with roguelike action. The result? A game that we just can’t put down.

Starting out on a small grid, your goal in Let’s Revolution is to, ultimately, find the king. He’s hiding somewhere behind a tile. The trouble? There’s also a number of other enemies hiding, too. Your starter character, Trooper, gains a bonus for uncovering all tiles and defeating all enemies, and so playing as them requires playing in true Minesweeper fashion. Empty tiles have a number on them that tells you how many road tiles are nearby. Since enemies can only appear on roads, that gives you a good indication of where they might be. With a number of attacks up your sleeve – a whirlwind attack that damages (and reveals) all tiles around you, and a bow and arrow that can shoot at distance – you’ll want to find and take out all the enemies.

It’s not only enemies that can appear on roads, though. You’ll also come across shops, gyms and blacksmiths: places you can learn new skills, upgrade your existing ones and improve your health and stamina. Exploration does pay off, then. Or at least it does if you’re playing as Trooper. Other characters, like the stealthy Shadow, earn bonuses based on how many tiles remain unexplored. Shadow has a completely different set of skills, making a game of Let’s Revolution feel very different. There are several more characters to unlock, too, all offering their own abilities and playstyles. Guess we’ll have to master Shadow before we can try them.

Let's Revolution

Completing a run doesn’t take very long: get everything just right and you’ll be done in around 20-30 minutes. You’ll then unlock a New Game+ of the character you completed it with, along with various new weapons and abilities that can start appearing in future games. If you’re anything like us, though, you’ll simply want to jump straight back in. Even when we’re failing miserably, we’re having a great time.

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It helps that Let’s Revolution looks wonderful. We’re digging its colourful 2D art style, given personality with wacky and wonderful character designs: think king’s guards, purple jesters and jokers. It’s like a pack of cards brought to life. One run of a game takes you through three different environments, seemingly randomised each time you play. From magical-feeling forests to bustling skyward cities, every environment is simply beautiful. Sure, they only provide a backdrop – the gameplay remains the same, regardless of which environment you’re in – but it’s a nice touch that keeps Let’s Revolution feeling fresh.

Let's Revolution

It’s not all perfect, though. It does some annoying things too, like give characters irritating “noises” instead of voices – an absolute pet peeve of ours. But it’s something we’re willing to forgive when actually playing is so damn fun. Besides, in the heat of the game, characters generally keep schtum: it’s only something you have to put up with in the odd animated sequence which, outside of the introduction, are few and far between.

Don’t let Let’s Revolution pass you by: this hidden gem is a must-play for any Minesweeper fan who wants to see the classic puzzle formula applied to something new. It works surprisingly well – and we just know this is something we’re going to be going back to, time and time again.

Let’s Revolution is available on PC via Steam from 19th July.

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