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This Adorable Loddlenaut Trailer Introduces You to The Cute Little Loddles

Out later this year, Loddlenaut is an adorable underwater adventure that has you cleaning up the ocean. It may sound like busywork, but making the waters a pleasant and habitable place for the teeny-tiny Loddles – axolotl-like creatures – that live there is a heck of a lot of fun. And a brand new Loddlenaut trailer has just dropped, reminding us just how precious those Loddles are.

The 1 minute 50 second trailer, which you can watch below, introduces us to the joys of Loddle care. You’ll need to clean them and feed them, and providing you do a good enough job of Loddle-raising, they’ll evolve. Their evolved appearance will depend on what you’ve been feeding them, and so you can expect an ocean filled with different types of creatures – all as cute as the next.

Once evolved, your Loddles can lay eggs, which hatch into brand new baby Loddles. And thus, the cycle begins again. Honestly, we can’t wait to be let loose in the ocean, watching our adorable army grown and evolve.

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Of course, that’s just one part of what we have to look forward to in Loddlenaut. If you don’t clean up your Loddle’s environment, they’ll never thrive enough to evolve or lay eggs. And so that means using your special gun-like equipment to wash away gunk and suck up recyclable waste. Watching the oceans return to their colourful, pristine glory is going to be such a joy.

Sadly we still don’t have a fixed release date for Loddlenaut just yet, but publisher Secret Mode tells us it’s before the end of 2023. With only five months left of the year, that means we won’t have to wait too much longer to get to swim around with and clean up for this adorable little Loddles.

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