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Meet Your Maker Dreadshore

Meet Your Maker’s Dreadshore DLC Adds an Innsmouth Flavour

As if Meet Your Maker’s post-apocalyptic landscape wasn’t enough, the game’s new Dreadshore DLC adds a dab of Lovecraftian gloom.

You’re not taking on Cthulhu himself but if you’ve played Fallout 3’s Point Lookout expansion you’ll be right at home. Meet Your Maker’s Sector 1: Dreadshore DLC adds in a new environment where it never, ever stops raining and it feels like there are slimy things just lurking round the corner.

Okay, that’s a cosmetic change which has no real bearing on the way this FPS/murder fortress construction game works. But it’s welcome shift in style given how many post-apocalyptic games have you traipsing through a burning wasteland. Nothing’s going to crawl out of the ocean (hopefully) but it’s a different type of gloom.

So what does the DLC actually do? Cool new environment aside, it adds in the following:

  • A new Custodian Suit (the outfit you wear when raiding outposts)
  • The Sentry Beam trap
  • The Ravager guard
  • A handful of nautical-style textures and blocks

Meet Your Maker Dreadshore

The Ravager guard has an area effect attack which means sidestepping a little doesn’t really work. That’s an unpleasant surprise and forces you to be more cautious than even usual. But what really stands out is the Sentry Beam trap.

Once this trap activates you can see the beam’s path. Then, the flesh-vaporising beam itself follows suit. So you can hide this around a corner and even if the player’s not heading that way, you’ve got a reasonable chance of burning your face off.

Did we fall prey to this trap? Several times, though what’s great about Meet Your Maker (check out our full review here) is that every blunder is a learning experience. Once we’d picked ourselves up we set about incorporating the beam into my own base.

We get a big grin at the the thought of its beam turning a corner. And. thanks to Meet Your Maker’s home fortress replay feature, we can actually watch it in action. That’s why, out of all Dreadshore’s additions the Sentry Beam Trap appeals to us the most.

However, there’s a catch. Up until July 10th you can pick up Sector 1: Dreadshore, or the Arsenal Pack as it’s also known, for free. That’s great. But after that date developer Behaviour Interactive is raising the price to $7.99. That’s a tad over what we’d actually pay – five dollars seems a more reasonable price for what’s on offer.

If you want more Meet Your Maker – and we definitely do – snap this up while it’s free and get back to building. Hopefully the next chunk of DLC will be a little meatier but it offers a welcome shift in tone and you can’t go wrong with a ricochet of death. Plus, we love the new atmosphere it lends your levels.

Meet Your Maker’s Sector 1 Dreadshore DLC is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It requires the full version of Meet Your Maker.

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