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Meet Your Maker’s New Update is Literally a Hot Fix

Meet Your Maker has a new update that’s a hot fix in every since of the word.

One of the issues Meet Your Maker’s new update addresses is a bug whereby the Flamewalker Warmonger perk failed to properly activate. This build-your-own-murder-fortress FPS lets you deploy traps but the catch is your own creatures can wander into them.

The Flamewalker perk was supposed to make your Warmongers fire-proof but it wasn’t activating. So, if you chose that perk and they blundered into flame they’d still end up extra crispy. This new patch should address that.

On top of that there are a range of other tweaks. The patch includes stability fixes, floaty physics and more. There’s also another bug that we absolutely didn’t know about but kind of wish we’d exploited. Because we are awful.

It turns out that putting traps on the corner piece of Chain Link Blocks or the Bedrock with Pipes texture made them indestructible. That doesn’t mean they’d fire endlessly, since many traps are one use only. But you could have used, say, a hammer trap and made it near impossible to negotiate.

You can find the full patch notes here. The patch is out across all platforms now and if you’re wondering about whether to get into Meet Your Maker, check out our review here. 

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