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The Making of Immortality

NoClip’s The Making of Immortality Documentary is Out Now

NoClip’s The Making of Immortality documentary has hit YouTube and it’s a real eye-opener, whether or not you’re a fan of the FMV game.

Immortality, Sam Barlow’s latest interactive adventure, is presented as a collection of clips, featuring missing Marissa Marcel or the movies she’s been involved in. In turn, these clips come together to tell an unsettling story. And now, thanks to NoClip’s The Making of Immortality you can watch the story behind the story.

This is an excellent documentary though, thanks to the nature of the original game, we half-expected to have to rewind and fast forward clips to uncover a deeper tale. Thankfully, it’s relatively linear and NoClip’s team have done an excellent job of delving into the game’s conception and production.

Nearly an hour and a half long, it features interviews with Manon Gage (who won an award for her performance as Marissa Marcel), creator Sam Barlow and much, much more. What we found fascinating, and a little bit horrifying, was how Immortality inspired by the story of actress Jean Seberg. In particular, her experience on Saint Joan was a nightmare.

We’re not going to much more for fear of spoiling the documentary. But even if you’ve never played the game it’s a fascinating watch. NoClip are known for their documentaries but this is one of their best.

You can watch The Making of Immortality above or on NoClip’s YouTube channel. You can also support them through Patreon here. And if you’re a fan of gaming history, they’re also unearthing a treasure trove of footage. 

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