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Street Fighter 6 review

Patch Notes: Rashid Joins Street Fighter 6 Alongside Easy Drive Cancels

Street Fighter 6 gets a new patch today, as well as its latest DLC fighter, Rashid.

Rashid eventually appeared in Street Fighter 5 as DLC but this time around he’s arriving as the first of Street Fighter 6’s paid DLC characters. On top of that, there’s a new Street Fighter 6 patch which adds easy drive cancels and more.

The patch is out today, along with Rashid and includes a whole variety of patches and tweaks. Don’t worry, this isn’t as radical as Diablo 4’s recent patch, nor is it likely to be as unwelcome.

But being able to pull off easy drive cancels should make for some more entertaining matches. Drive cancelling is a way of stringing together two high-level moves to deliver a particularly devastating combo. And now, with this patch, you can drive cancel using a simple button combination.

The controls are as follows:

  • Classic Controls (Neutral or Forward) + Medium Punch + Medium Kick
  • Modern Controls (Neutral or Forward) + Parry button

It’s possible you may never go anywhere near drive cancels but if you’re trying to level up your fighting it’s a welcome addition. It’s not the only change, however. You can find the full patch notes here but here are some of the more significant ones.

  • Drive Impact – Fixed an issue where unnecessary combo scaling was added in certain situations, resulting in lowered damage.
  • Luke – Fixed an issue where certain Overdrive attacks would not be performed if manually inputted while holding down the Assist button.
  • Chun-Li – There was an unintentional difference between Modern and Classic controls in the charge time required for commands to be completed or to be charged, so this difference has been fixed.
  • Zangief – Fixed Zangief’s hitbox during his level 1 Super Art animation so that it returns to a hitbox on the ground at the appropriate time, instead of being a mid-air hitbox the entire time.

So, Capcom isn’t nerfing anyone. Zangief is becoming marginally more powerful but that was due to his drive gauge recovering more slowly. And if you want to know why Street Fighter 6 is a “triumph”, check out our review here.

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