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Half-Life 2 Pikmin

Pikmin G-Man is the Half-Life 2/Pikmin 4 Crossover We Didn’t Know We Needed

This fantastic Half-Life 2/Pikmin 4 image has us craving a proper crossover mod.

This Half-Life 2 piece is the work of artist SolsticeSpaghetti and imagines the creepy, otherworldly G-Man as a Pikmin. We honestly can’t decide if that makes him less or more threatening but we’d love to see someone do a proper mod.

Just imagine Half-Life 2: Episode 1’s opening sequence but instead of the Vortigaunts carrying Alxy away it’s these little creatures. Well, as long as the blue Pikmin don’t accidentally turn her into a popsicle. That could be a little inconvenient.

After the Half-Life 2 Lego mod was pulled, there’s a ridiculousness vaccum with could easily be filled by a Half Life 2 Pikmin mod. Plus, multiplayer mode could be just ridiculous, blending regular FPS action with a real-time strategy element.

All the while you’re trying to shotgun your enemies, you’d have Pikmin nibbling at your ankles. Forget teabagging, the ultimate humiliation would be having a horde of Pikmin whisk your body away. Speaking of which, we have to tip our hat to TheGamer’s Jade King for working out how many Pikmin it would take to carry a corpse.

SolsticeSpaghetti has dubbed this faintly horrifying amalgam “The Pikman”, just in case you wanted to name the thing that was haunting your dreams. You can catch up on their non Half-Life 2 artwork by following them on Twitter.

And if you’ve not Pikmin’s weird world,, Pikmin 4 is out on Nintendo Switch right now.

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