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Silent Hill 2 McDonalds

Silent Hill Has Finally Got its Own McDonalds

Ever wondered what it’d be like if Silent Hill had a McDonalds? Wonder no longer.

Based on a dream, Twitter user ecto_fun has added the fast food franchise to Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2. You can’t go there yourself (in-game or out of game) but they’ve given us a chilling look at the future of this haunted town.

We know Silent Hill 2’s Eddie would be happy – who needs to eat lukewarm pizza in a bowling alley when there’s burgers and ice-cream to be scarfed? Maybe if we gave him a few McDonalds Monopoly pieces he wouldn’t try to murder James in a meat locker.

Would this make Silent Hill 2 a better game if it was real and not edited? Not really, we’re happy with Silent Hill being its own out-of-time town, with nothing to connect it to the “real” world. Besides which, the ice-cream machine is bound to be broken.

But it is pretty cool and it has us wishing that more games, of the non-horror variety, did use real-world stores. Sure, they crop up every now and again but more often than not in-game stores are fictional.

Couldn’t a developer just take a real-world chain and put it in their game? It’d be free publicity. No, because they’d likely be sued into next century. It’d might be cool to see Frank West killing zombies with a B+Q power drill. But it’s probably not a message the company wants out there.

You can follow ecto_fun on Twitter here. As for Silent Hill 2, it’s frustratingly hard to get hold of. But with a remake on the way, maybe there’ll be a Costa Coffee in there.

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