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The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission DLC Review

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If, like us, you very much enjoyed The Callisto Protocol when it launched late last year, you might have been kept on tenterhooks by its somewhat cliffhanger of an ending.  We presumed we’d have to wait for a full-blown sequel to discover protagonist Jacob’s fate, but instead it’s been sealed by Final Transmission, an expansion that that rounds out the game’s season pass.

Picking up directly from where the main game leaves off, Final Transmission has you once again stepping into Jacob’s shoes. Waking up a little hazy, you’ve got one last job to do, given to you by Dr. Mahler: retrieve her data, and escape from Callisto. As ever, though, it’s not going to be easy.

Straight off the bat, Final Transmission throws you in at the deep end, facing you off against large numbers of biophage adversaries. Needless to say, if you haven’t played for a while, you might find yourself struggling. Once you’re back in the swing of things, however, it’s business as usual. And that’s perhaps the best way to describe this DLC in general: it’s essentially just more of the same, with you roaming lots of gloomy corridors, engaging in vicious bouts of combat, and completing some very basic puzzles in order to progress.

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There are some new things added into the mix, however. There’s a new enemy type for one; part biophage, part robot. These new adversaries are powerful, meaning you’ll want to avoid them for the most part, but later in the DLC it becomes impossible. You’ll be thankful, then, that you get a powerful new melee weapon – the Kinetic Hammer – that’s capable of taking them down with relative ease. It’s just a shame you get it close to the end of the DLC’s 2-3 hour running time.

When the DLC is over, and this chapter of The Callisto Protocol’s story is brought to an end, some will be torn over Jacob’s fate and what it means for the series going forward. It’s not all that surprising, though, and some might have guessed what’s going on an hour or so into the expansion. In any case, it will elicit some kind of emotion, for better or worse.

Ultimately, if you’re a fan of The Callisto Protocol and simply want more, Final Transmission will keep you entertained for a short while while embellishing on the game’s original ending. Do you need to play it? Not really. What’s added here isn’t all that refreshing, and the final boss fight is a bit of a bust. But picked up as part of the game’s season pass, it’s worth playing though just to discover Jacob’s fate.

The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission DLC Review – GameSpew’s Score

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This review of The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission DLC is based on the PS5 version, with a code provide by the game’s publisher. It’s available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
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