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Mr Beast The Last of Us Part I

This Amazing Mr Beast YouTube Plugin Ruins Games

Ever wonder what your favourite games would be like if YouTuber Mr Beast was just shoving his face in front of the camera? Us neither, but we’re glad we found out.

Even if you’ve not watched any of Mr Beast’s videos, chances are you’ve stumbled across one on your YouTube journey. And you’ve probably rolled your eyes at his ridiculous, over-the-top thumbnails. But now, thanks to a plug in, you can apply Mr Beast to any Youtube video, games included.

The Chrome plugin, dubbed YouTube MrBeastify, is the work of developer MagicJinn. Once you install it (at your own risk, we should add), it superimposes Mr Beast’s face over any YouTube thumbnail. And if all you’re doing is browsing YouTube (it helps if you disable inline playback), it’s kind of a neat trick.

But the fun really starts when you deliberately seek out dramatic gaming moments. Remember that moment in The Last of Us Part II? With this plugin, you can have the bearded YouTuber gurning right over it, destroying any sense of tension. And it’s fantastic.

Mr Beast Final Fantasy VII

We’ve spent several hours just poking around YouTube, watching Mr Beast grin as the Reapers invade earth in Mass Effect 3, or Spider-Man sits by hi.. well, we won’t spoil that one. But we laughed ourselves silly for a full ten minutes, not the effect Insomniac were going for.

The one catch is that you need a video that has the moment in question as a thumbnail. Once you click on the video, Mr Beast’s mug disappears. But we had little trouble hunting down some genuinely heartbreaking in-game moments and adding Mr Beast to them.

If you want to embrace this lunacy, you’ll need the Chrome Browser and this plugin. But, be warned (plugin risks aside), this could eat up your whole afternoon.

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