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Final Fantasy XVI Parody

This Final Fantasy XVI Parody Is Worryingly Spot On

Final Fantasy XVI is hugely popular so it’s no surprise people have started parodying it. But one video in particular absolutely hits the nail on the head.

Animator and actor Matthew McCleskey has put out a parody video dinging Final Fantasy XVI for its lore dumps. Thanks to the game’s Active Time Lore you can pick through the minutae of the story, and that’s a great system.

However, there are definitely moments, particularly in the first chunk of the game, where it awkwardly delivers exposition. Our absolute favourite has to be when two of the characters are in bed together. And, wouldn’t you know it, they choose this exact moment to talk through their plans in excessive, specific detail.

We absolutely love Final Fantasy XVI – you can check out our review here. But, at that moment, we rolled our eyes so hard that we could see right into our brains. It’s that kind of absurdity that McClesky’s video expertly skewers.

We also got a kick out of McClesky taking Clive’s mundane name and just running with it. Square hasn’t announced any DLC for Final Fantasy XVI but we’d pay good money for an add-on that changed Benedikta’s name to Bernice, complete with new voice lines.

You can watch McClesky’s video above and follow them on YouTube here. He’s put out plenty of gems so the channel’s well worth a subscribe.

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